The story of Bad Tom Smith is one of redemption, both the man and the brewery. Bad Tom Smith was a Coal Hearted Killer from Breathitt County. An American Outlaw who’s gun was always Cocked and Loaded, who spent most of his adult life escaping justice. When he killed the town doctor, Doc Rader, the law was going to ensure that he was not going to Cheat the Gallows one more time. Convicted in two minutes and a little Bad Luck caused him to fail in his final attempted Jailbreak.

In the end, Bad Tom was looking for Redemption through baptism by 13 Preachers. The Jackson Hustler reported that over 5000 people were present when Bad Tom Smith stood and provided his final hour long testimony; “Bad Women and bad whiskey have brought me where I am, don’t drink bad whiskey and don’t do as I have done”… with his last words being “Save me, O God, save me”, the lever was pulled by the Hangman to end the life of America’s original Bad Ass. Forever his Tombstone declaring that he was “bad enough to be hanged, not too bad for God to save”.

Much like Bad Tom himself, who turned his back on his outlaw ways in his last hours, the brewery has committed to doing what is right. Bad Tom Smith Brewing’s turnaround is a credit to Sheryl and John Vojtush’s purchasing the Cincinnati brewery in April, 2015. Since that time, the taprooms have been remodeled, new equipment purchased, staff has been added, and expansion plans are being implemented. Head Brewer Sean Smith, a relative of the namesake outlaw has grown as a reputable brewer, developing the highest quality craft beer for each style we have in our portfolio.