Bad Tom Smith Brewing Home Brewers Shoot-Out

Bad Tom Smith Brewing is giving an opportunity to Northeast Ohio’s Home Brewing community to bring their brews to the City of Cleveland. We believe the truest way to bring local beers to our community is by allowing those in the community to brew their beers and serve them alongside Bad Tom Smith’s beers.

Home Brewer beers that are chosen as winners in our monthly competition will have the opportunity to be mentored and brew their recipes side by side in our Ohio City brewery with our brewers on our Stout 5-Vessel 2 Barrel Brewing system.

By marrying our professional’s technical skill and quality control of Bad Tom Smith Brewing, and the homebrewer’s creative and experimental spirit, the Bad Tom Shoot-Out is a way to let our brewers and local amateurs make the best beer they can.

We hope this is an opportunity for everyone involved to expand their brewing horizons, enjoy the experience of brewing on an end-to-end brewing system, learn something from each other and most of all just enjoy brewing a great beer.

Basic Guidelines for Competing to Brew and have your Beers served on Bad Tom Smith Brewing taps:

  • Each Month Bad Tom Smith Brewing will accept entries (recipes) from Home Brewers for a specific style for the respective month.
  • Bad Tom “Shoot – Out”
    • Bad Tom will choose 6 – 8 submissions to compete for the opportunity to be poured on our Ohio City taps
    • Each chosen submission will be expected to brew and provide samples for a scheduled blind tasting with our brewers, visiting brewers and outside certified judges.
    • Each of the chosen submissions will be judged based on aroma, appearance, flavor and mouthfeel by a panel of local, qualified judges in blind rounds of tastings.
      • Our scoring will be based on the AHA/BJCP Sanctioned Competition Program Beer Score Sheet from the Beer Judge Certification Program (
    • One (1) beers will be chosen for the specific style for production on the Ohio City breweries 2-BBL brewing system.
  • Home Brewers will be required to submit a personal Home Brewer profile, which will include:
    • Summary on your submission
    • Your recipe
    • Number of years brewing
    • Type of brewing system you brew on
    • Reason why Bad Tom Smith Brewing should choose you and your beer
    • Charity for donation for portion of net revenue

What the chosen Home Brewers will be provided:

  • All grains, hops and yeast. (This is to ensure that we attain the quality that is expected of a commercial beer)
  • Scheduled brewing day and pairing with a Lead Brewer to help in the brewing of the beer on the 2-BBL brewing system.
  • Your beers will be featured on Bad Tom Smith Brewing taps in Ohio City.
  • A tap handle with home brewers “custom branded” label
  • Bad Tom Smith Brewing promotion for the chosen beers and the hosting of a special “Launch” party for your chosen beer.
  • Portion of the net revenue of each chosen Home Brewers beer sold on the Bad Tom Smith Brewing Ohio City taps will be provided to the charity of their choice.

Brewing Session

  • Bad Tom Smith Brewing will work with each chosen Home Brewer to schedule the brew
    • Each brew cycle will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete
    • The initial brew day will be 4-5 hours with additional time spent testing and kegging during the duration of the 2-3 week brewing cycle
    • Each Home Brewer will also be expected to help in the cleaning and sanitization of the 2-BBL brewing system for their brews, under the guidance of the Lead Brewers
  • Bad Tom Smith Brewing will help in selecting a name and branding for the beer and any necessary COLA filings

Expectation of Chosen Home Brewers

  • Show up and fully participate in the scheduled brew session(s) in the Ohio City brewery.
  • Each chosen home brewer will help in cross marketing their chosen beer on their personal social channels and to friends and families.
  • Bad Tom Smith Brewing will expect the chosen Home Brewers to spend time in the tap room sharing the experience of their beers and the brewing process, while their beer is on tap in our tap room
  • Each chosen home brewer will be interviewed by our Brand Manager to share their experience.

Each chosen Home Brewers beer will be entered into our annual Swinging from the Gallows Home Brew of the Year.

  • Year-end “Special” Swinging from the Gallows Home Brewers evening for all chosen Home Brewers, families, friends, brewers and judges. (Will include local media and brewers)
  • Prizes
    • 1st Place
      • $500
      • Bad Tom will produce one (1) 250-gallon batches of the Home Brewers beer, on its 20-BBL brewing system in Cincinnati, for serving on the Ohio City taps in the following year.
    • 2nd Place
      • $250
    • 3rd Place
      • $100
    • How winner will be chosen with a 3-part weighted system:
      • Patrons will account for 33% of the vote
      • Brewers will account for 33% of the vote
      • Judges will account for 33% of the vote

If you have any additional questions on Bad Tom Smith Brewings Home Brewing Shoot Out program, please contact us at