Bad Tom Smith launches Bad Ass Beer Club

Written on March 2, 2017

Bad Tom Smith Brewing Co. has launched a beer club.

The Bad Ass Beer Club, which costs $79, began Wednesday (March 1) and affords members a chance to get $3 pints at its Cincinnati and — when it opens — Cleveland taproom in May 2017.

Members also will receive upfront: a flight of four beers, a growler, growler fill, special release pint fill, T-shirt, pint glass, four coasters and invitation to a beer education class. That’s a $99 value, the brewery said.

The Cincinnati brewery is limiting the club to 500 members at both locations.

“We wanted to first communicate that this is not in response to someone else establishing a club,” Bad Tom owner John Vojtush said in an email. “This is something we have been building towards over the last four months. We have been offering a select Legend Series beer each month at $3 per pint. The chosen Legend Series beer was the most popular selling beer over the other Legend Series beers by 50 percent each month (meaning it didn’t matter which beer it was, the $3 beer was always the highest selling per unit beer by 50 percent plus each month). Our objective is to establish customer loyalty without having to go crazy with a cute loyalty program that just gets lost in all the other offerings that are available.”

He also noted that many craft beer customers are factoring cost into their beer-buying decisions.

“The customers fully understand that our efforts and costs come at a higher cost, but with so many new breweries and quality beers coming online, in both draft and cans/bottles, there is a subset of our market that is wanting relief in cost and fully expect higher quality,” Vojtush said.

“We believe we can capture additional market share by providing a pint at lower cost, while still driving to a higher quality beer,” he added. “In no way are we compromising quality in making this move and remember, this is a limited offering (only 500 active memberships per location). It’s the result of us developing a production and taproom operating model that focuses on developing a manufacturing and service model that is efficient in all areas, leading to a better product that we can provide at a lower cost.”

Vojtush noted that the taproom in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood is on track to open in May. He had hoped for late March or early April, but said building and inspection issues delayed the process.

Bad Tom Smith also has signed a letter of intent to relocate its Cincinnati brewery and taproom to Madisonville — about three miles away from its current location on Eastern Avenue. The brewery will be “a core part” of an economic development project that will help revitalize the area, Vojtush said.

He added that the new site is only 1.5 miles away from the new MadTree Brewing Co. location on the same road.

“If all goes according to plan, we will be in the new location by end of year 2017,” he said.

Source: Rick Armon Ohio.Com