Bad Tom Smith Brewing is committed to brewing a wide variety of styles of beer

Bad Tom Smith is committed to brewing a wide variety of styles of beer, while keeping them approachable for both newcomers to craft beer and veterans alike. You will see a few styles done by Bad Tom that stand out, such as a Kentucky Common and an American Strong Ale, which go alongside traditional styles such the flagship Bad Tom Brown Ale, and different types of IPAs.

How the Pilsner Beer Style Conquered the World

Many of us probably have had a few beers we didn’t like. That’s exactly what happened in, the region now known as Pilsen, Czech Republic, in 1839 – and citizens did something dramatic, leading to creation of the first Pilsner beer. The beer style would go on to conquer the world, forever changing the way drinkers view beer.

Moving On and Moving Up

Bad Tom Smith Brewing is, and has always been, about potential. There is the potential to make great beer, the potential to share an interesting story, and the potential to bring out the best in the people who work for the company and those who come in to the taproom and enjoy themselves.

Crack One Open: Cleveland PodCast

WTAM’s Bill Wills and I talk beer each week on a 5-minute podcast on 1100-AM. This week we cover a brewery that has just opened (Saucy Brew Works) and one that is planning to open in September (Bad Tom Smith Brewing).

Bad Tom Smith Brewing’s Ohio City plans delayed

Bad Tom, based in Cincinnati, had planned to open around Memorial Day, but “early September” appears to be the new target. A contractor should be in the building this week, Vojtush said. The space is catty-corner from Nano Brew and is in the heart of one of the healthiest craft-beer neighborhoods in Northeast Ohio.

The Gnarly Gnome shares “Bad Tom Smith, Progress and Growth”

The Bad Tom Smith that the brewery is named after lived a terrible life, until the very end when he repented and turned to God. The Bad Tom Smith that we are all familiar with today (The Brewery) is living a life of redemption… of using the past to grow who you will become in the future – much in the same way that Bad Tom was trying to do at the gallows.